What is your relationship with money?

It seems like an obvious question - but to get behind what money really means to ordinary people it is important to forget the usual questions you may be asked about money – by your Bank Manager, for instance, or Financial Adviser (who usually want to sell you something!)

We spoke to a psychologist who’d been involved in research looking in to how real people deal with money in the real world.  He reminded us that we’re a social species and often view the world through the lens of relationships because decisions about money are invariably based on emotions and trust rather than cold facts and logic. We asked him for some examples – and here they are.

Do any of these stories ring any bells?  Feel free to tell us how you’d describe your relationship with money.

Tom: aged 70

My first relationship with money was linked to sweets but the first strong relationship was based on...

> Tom and money

Nick: aged 42

My relationship with money? Interesting question. The two most important relationships in my life are...

> Nick and money

Matt: aged 37

I’m not being funny when I say that it has mirrored my relationship with women. When I was younger...

> Matt and money

Claire: aged 39

My mum was a single parent so money was always tight when I was a kid, and at school it was clear...

> Claire and money

Kerrie: aged 25

I’d describe my relationship with money as volatile. Come to think of it, I’d describe all my relationships...

> Kerrie and money

Alistair: aged 37

My relationship with money has been a lot more straightforward than my relationships with people. You know...

> Alistair and money

Katie: aged 32

Most people would consider me lucky because I inherited quite a bit of money when my mother...

> Katie and money

Hollie: aged 21

From the point of view of a relationship I’d have to say that I see money as a fair-weather...

> Hollie and money

John: aged 60

I suppose my most important relationship has been the one I’ve had with my parents. It was based on...

> John and money

Graeme: aged 57

I know that there’s a well-known saying, “I’ve been rich and I’ve been poor: rich is better” but...

> Graeme and money

Paul: aged 35

I’ve had two very different relationships with money and they’ve been tied up with the changing fortunes...

> Paul and money

Hayley: aged 37

How would I describe my relationship with money? Like a prisoner who’s let out occasionally for good...

> Hayley and money