Forthcoming webinars:

Healthcare after 21 months of Covid: demand, delivery and wellbeing

21 October, 10.30am – HealthHero’s Dr Chris Morris will review the healthcare climate, the role of remote consultations and what the sector can do to maintain and/or improve health and wellbeing.

Putting the S into ESG

21 October, 2pm – The social dimension, the S of ESG, is one that can be neglected, but it also has some of the greatest potential to bring gains back into the business through employee engagement. Pilotlight’s Ed Mayo and Wesleyan’s Kristy Rowlett will talk through supporting employee volunteers to use their professional skills in a new context, reinforcing a culture of values and mutuality.

Forthcoming roundtables:

Climate Change – Wednesday 8 September, 10am
HR – Tuesday 19 October, 10.30am
IT – Wednesday 20 October, 11am
Sales and Commercial – Wednesday 3 November 10.30am
Risk – Wednesday 10 November, 10am

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