Accredited Programmes

Masters degree in Strategic Leadership

AFM Members are now able to enrol for a Master degree in Strategic Leadership for mutuals, an award-winning venture between the BSA and the School of Business and Economics at Loughborough University. The programme teaches critical management and leadership skills, and gives awareness and knowledge of the key issues and challenges that exist, including:

  • Managing resources
  • Information Management
  • Leading change
  • Decision making
  • Strategy, governance and risk
  • Managing business improvement

For more on programme content, additional information and modes of study, please refer to the Programme Brochure.

Coaching and Mentoring

We are also working with AFM Member, BHSF, to offer a series of ILM accredited qualifications in Coaching and Mentoring, and Leadership and Development. These qualifications include:

  • Level 3 Coaching
  • Level 5 Coaching and Mentoring
  • Level 7 Executive Coaching
  • Level 3 Leadership and Management
  • Level 5 Leadership and Management
  • Level 7 Leadership and Management

BHSF Learning and Development Academy Brochure 2019 . To register for any of these programmes, please email

Development Programmes

In partnership with Origos, AFM offers two management development programmes:

‘Accelerate’ Leadership Development

A modular programme of four, one-day events, this programme is for established managers and allows delegates to:

  • understand the issues of the day
  • explore how effective they are
  • build leadership skills
  • identify causes and diagnose the challenges ahead
  • develop sustained relationships with peers in the UK’s mutual sector

Each one-day event is hosted by a different AFM Member whose CEO will share their own personal careers and industry insights. Graduates of the Accelerate programme are offered a free one-night stay at the AFM Annual Conference.

The next programme commences in September 2019. Further details…

[Read a review from one of the 2018 delegates].

‘Stepping Up’ Management Development

This course is specifically designed for newly appointed managers, or those about to move into a role that require a step change of responsibility and support. It is run over six, one-day events and targets all the essential elements needed by managers today:

  • identifying motivation and leadership style
  • managing resource
  • delivering performance improvement
  • enabling career growth

In addition to being equipped with ‘tools for the job’, the Stepping Up programme enables the creation of enduring professional networks that are vital in our industry today. The next Stepping Up programme commences in September 2019. Further information…

Accelerate and Stepping Up 2019 Brochure

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